Easy WiFi

Social HotSpot at 69€ one-time.
No annual fee

Easy WiFi

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Social + Sms + Marketing HotSpot.
From 169€ + vat per year

Pro WiFi

Easy WiFi is the Social HotSpot, Safe, Fast and Reliable at only 69€ one-time

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Easy WiFi

A Social HotSpot WiFi, safe, fast and cheap.
one-time, no charge per year.

Social Authentication

The platform allows authentication via Facebook and Google+. No password to remember. The fastest and most convenient way to authenticate yourself.

Advanced Security

The system authenticates users and keeps track of their browsing, protecting your business from misuse of the web, for a total security.

Automatic Language

The application automatically recognizes the language of your customers, whether Italian or foreign. They will thus experience greater hospitality.

Responsive Design

The application fits perfectly to any device, smartphone, tablet, desktop, always offering the best readability and usability.

Automatic Recognition

After a first authentication, users will automatically be recognized in the future, avoiding repeating the same procedure, saving time.

Advanced Dashboard

Keep track of your customers through our powerful Dashboard. Analyze registrations, connections, online users, etc..

How work

The Easy Social authentication process in 5 simple steps.

WiFi Network Search

Join to WiFi network free@BusinessName, start Browser and type any web address.


Welcome Page

You will be redirected to the guest welcome page; click the Connect button.


Authentication Page

You will be redirected to the Social Authentication page (Facebook and Google); choose a favorite Social.


Social Permissions

The chosen Social will ask you for permissions to register your profile in the system.



You will then be authenticated and redirected to the final page of the process.

Easy WiFi is the Social HotSpot, Safe, Fast and Reliable at only 69€ one-time

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Advanced Dashboard

A powerful panel that lets you know your customers better, with advanced statistics, managing your business profile, and advanced configuration of your HotSpot parameters.

Know your customers:

A powerful control panel to monitor your customers. Analyze your preferred customer authentication methods, most used ones, and likes received; the number of recordings and monthly, weekly, and daily connections; online users at every moment and the most frequent customers of your company.


Manage your business data:

A simple and complete panel that allows you to manage your business billing and physical addresses of your company. You can also manage access data to the Dashboard itself.


Manage your HotSpot:

An advanced router management panel that will allow you to set various parameters:
The name of the wifi network that your customers will see in your area, the Company's Facebbok page, the page where authenticated users will be redirected, the band assigned to each connected user, image management of the authentication page, etc..

FAQ - Easy WiFi

The most frequently asked questions about the EASY WiFi product.

What I receive after buying ?

With the purchase of Easy WiFi, you will receive a courier pack containing our Router, link instructions, and advertising material that you can expose in your company.

How to connect the router ?

In the face of your active and working xDSL, just connect our router to one of your modem's LAN ports.

Detailed information will be found in the package you will be given.

What guarantee does the router have ?

Our Router offers, as per law, only on product factory's defects, 12 month warranty for companies and 24 months for private individuals. For warranty periods, the router must be returned at customer's expense to WirelessOn, which will provide free shipping of a new router.

After the warranty expires, the replacement of the router will be at a cost of 19€ one-time, plus shipping.

A first registration is required ?

Yes, after connecting the router to your modem, you must first register your HotSpot by entering your billing information, your Dashboard access data, and your HotSpot data.

Detailed information will be found in the package you will be given.

EASY includes assistance ?

The EASY WiFi service includes email support, to be sent to: info@wirelesson.it

EASY increments the Likes ?

No, the EASY system does not offer Marketing functionality, so it does not offer the Earn Like feature, which you will find in the PRO WiFi version.

EASY includes Marketing ?

No, the EASY WiFi product does not include Marketing. As a result, any user data registered on your HotSpot will not be available on the Dashboard.

This feature will be available instead in the PRO WiFi service.

EASY can extend WiFi signal ?

No, the EASY WiFi product is born as a stand-alone product. It is therefore not possible to connect repeaters and/or access points to the EASY WiFi router.

The extension of the signal will instead be implemented in the PRO WiFi service.

I can switch from EASY WiFi to PRO WiFi ?

Yes, you have the possibility to upgrade your HotSpot from EASY to PRO with a discount on the cost, being already our customer.

In the Upgrade section of Dashboard, you will find all info for upgrade.

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Easy WiFi is the Social HotSpot, Safe, Fast and Reliable at only 69€ one-time

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